Innovation. Efficiency. Compliance.

Pancoast Benefits provides employee benefits plans and administrative support to small and large businesses.

About Pancoast

From administration to communication to compliance, Pancoast leverages technology and its team of dedicated professionals to empower clients, improve efficiency, save money, and streamline processes.

We consult to help our clients get the most competitive rates. We implement a synchronized system of management when multiple vendors are serving a single client. We partner with smaller clients to help them stay current with the ever-changing landscape of compliance within both state and federal regulations. All the while, we provide strategic planning for our clients present benefits plans, while keeping our industry trends and innovations.

Here are just a handful of the day-to-day services we offer:

  • Training of HR/Benefit personnel
  • Enrollment meetings
  • Assist with claims, billing, and underwriting issues
  • Serve as the single point of contact
  • Maintain benefit deductions
  • Electronic/Online Portal
  • And more! Click here to learn more about what we do.

How We Work

We make your job easier. We lighten the load.

Are you a large corporation in need of a benefits partner? Are you a small business lacking a solid understanding of all your filing requirements? We work with both types of companies every day. We understand the nuances of benefits administration that each company owner must face.

When we meet with a business owner or HR department, we listen, we evaluate, and then we put into plan a course of action that will improve our clients’ efficiencies, save our clients time and money, and streamline our clients’ vendors into one system. And we give our clients a choice—we handle everything for them, or we let them pick and choose which services to hand off to us.

Fred PancoastAbout our Founder

In 1985, Fred Pancoast founded Pancoast Benefits with the vision to create an employee benefits company that provided unparalleled customer service.

Fred, who spent 25 years coaching college football primarily in the SEC and five years as the head of HR for a 4,000-employee company, brought to his company a tactician’s mindset, a tireless work ethic, and a deep-seated belief in serving.

Ever since the founding of Pancoast Benefits, Fred has set the example in service—both to his clients and to his community.

Of course, Fred maintains that a company is only as strong as the employees who do the work, just like a football team is only as good as its players. That’s why, today, Pancoast Benefits follows in the footsteps of its founder, operating on the principles of integrity and unflagging customer service.

Learn more about Fred, here.