Alecia Teel

On any given day Alecia Teel may be putting together a PowerPoint presentation for a client’s meeting, designing brochures, implementing Sales Force or crafting emails for an upcoming enrollment campaign.

As the Communications Specialist, Alecia works directly with clients to make sure their employee benefits materials – whether on paper or online – are visually appealing and easy to read.

She joined Pancoast in 2003 and appreciates the focus on employee wellness Fred Pancoast instilled early on. Today the wellness program, in addition to a weekly bootcamp, extends to “challenges” such as drinking more water and eating more vegetables – and reporting back.

Of course the ritual birthday celebrations that almost always involve a cake – if not also lunch or breakfast – may undo some of that wellness work. But the events bring everyone together and help make Pancoast the workplace it is.Alecia graduated Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Business Administration and spent 10 years with a staffing agency and eight years with a small corporate training company before joining Pancoast.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she says.