Improve communication, reduce confusion

Employees need to clearly understand benefit plan options to make wise choices. And clear, consistent communication is a hallmark of a company that values those who work for it.

Pancoast customizes employee benefits materials to make communication easier for you and your people. Custom materials can include:

  • Benefits announcements and educational material, from flyers to posters and emails
  • Benefit statements, which summarize overall compensation, salary and benefits
  • Consumer-Directed Health Care materials for HSA or HRA implementation
  • Handbooks and policies, from a complete employee handbook to individual policy documents

Employee education is a big part of what we do, and part of our job is putting the a benefits plan in context to show its true value as part of a broader landscape that includes compensation, vacation time and other aspects of employment.

Clarity and convenience drive all of our tools, forms, education materials and benefits announcements.

Our benefits enrollment form makes it easy – for everyone

Clarity and convenience drive all of our tools, forms, education materials and benefits announcements.

No where is this more evident than our consolidated enrollment form, which gets raves from employees and HR staff alike. Rather than juggle separate forms for medical, dental, vision, and ancillary coverage, employees make their choices and sign one document – not a pile of them.

Pancoast also recognizes the role technology plays in the lives of your employees and benefits staff. Using our online platform, for example, employees can enroll from home when they have the opportunity to take their time and discuss plan options with family members. We make it even easier by providing free mobile apps for employees and HR staff members.
Whether to “go paperless,” use paper enrollment forms or give employees both options is your call. Pancoast won’t force your company and its culture into a box.

Onboarding new hires and transitioning employees

Additionally, we can ease your load in onboarding new employees, explain their benefit plan options and answer questions.

For individual employees who face a “qualifying event” that may affect their plan coverage, Pancoast works with them to ensure a smooth transition that meets their needs.

These could include an employee with a son or daughter about to turn 26 who will no longer be eligible for health care coverage under your group plan; an employee nearing age 65 who plans to continue working but could save out-of-pocket costs by enrolling in an approved Medicare plan; or an employee who loses group medical insurance coverage through a job transition, move to another state, or reduction of hours.

We also work with remote employees and those in other states where you have facilities to ensure they have access to – and understanding of – all their options. Our job is to provide all your employees, wherever they are, access to correct, up-to-date information as well as a Pancoast point-of-contact for questions.

Whether during open enrollment or mid-year hires and changes, Pancoast will be right there with you, acting as the conduit with vendors, providing on-site meetings and answering questions. As a Pancoast client, you always have a choice – we can handle everything or designated parts of employee communication and interaction. Our flexibility is your benefit.

Other services for employers include: