HR Technology Saves Time, Money and Confusion




One branded portal – PanOptic HR – provides tools that streamline and simplify benefits communication, enrollment and administration. The technology allows an organization to:

  • Conduct open enrollment online
  • Easily access HR data and reports
  • Better manage HR content
  • Reduce corporate liabilities
  • Improve management visibility
  • Improve employee communication
  • Report payroll deductions accurately
  • Reconcile carrier bills more quickly

With our online platform employees can enroll from home when they have more time to discuss plan options with family. Our consolidated enrollment form allows employees to sign and submit one document – not a stack of them for medical, dental, vision, and ancillary coverage. Plus, you decide whether go paperless or use paper.

Pancoast’s team and technology suite go far beyond enrollment management. You’ll be able to meet legal and ACA requirements; communicate with employees about benefits; and seamlessly connect your existing payroll system and insurance carriers.

Other services for employers include: