Local and multi-state ACA compliance

You already know keeping up with the Affordable Care Act is no small challenge.

Avoiding penalties requires companies go beyond offering qualified health care coverage to produce detailed reporting. Some issues to consider:

Do you have a process in place for determining whether each employee not only is considered a full-time worker – but viewed as one under the ACA? Evaluating full-time, part-time and occasional employment status is never as simple as we expect. Nor is documenting it. Are you collecting all the information necessary to show the company has met both ESR (employer shared responsibility) standards and reporting?

Do any “non-grandfathered” group plans comply with ACA rules on preventative care, out-of-pocket maximums for individuals and families, and mental health parity coverage? Did your organization ever offer incentives for participation in health risk assessments or biomedical screenings? Even if such incentives are not active, inclusion in any company wellness program description or document puts you at risk of fines.

All wellness plans must be considered “nondiscriminatory” under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Has yours been reviewed?

It is enough to make the head spin. But this is what we do – and whether you have 50, 500 or 5000 employees, Pancoast saves you time and headaches because our people know what is required.

Not only do our benefits administration experts keep up with ACA requirements, they keep our clients with multistate operations in line with HR-related state laws and regulations.

Even with the ACA in place, many states give certain employees statutory protections not usually covered by federal law. Such state-specific mandates do involve healthcare coverage but also include Workers Compensation claims; wage and hour rules; paid time off provisions; leaves of absence; and disability accommodations, to name just a few.

Whether you operate only in Greater Nashville, somewhere else in Tennessee, just across the state line – or have employees in multiple states – the stakes are high.

Pancoast eases your compliance worries, allowing you to get down to business.

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