Managing your health care is one of the toughest financial challenges you’ll face in retirement.

For millions of retirees, Medicare coverage, which takes effect for most people at age 65, is the key to affording health care without quickly plowing through any retirement savings.

Evaluating Medicare options is far from easy. With components that sound like a messy bowl of alphabet soup, each with different coverage, Medicare has grown increasingly complicated. Combined with the Affordable Care Act, older Americans struggle to understand exactly how to get their health care covered.

If your spouse or partner continues to work and qualifies for employer-sponsored group coverage, you have different options. Either way, meeting Medicare deadlines is extremely important – failing to do so sets you up for costly lifetime penalties.

The best way to navigate Medicare and find coverage that meets your circumstances is with an expert guide. The professionals at Pancoast Benefits make it easier for you to understand and enroll in the plan that best fits.

For a no obligation and objective personal consultation, please contact us at 615-250-0831 or email All the options and requirements for individual health care can be overwhelming and confusing. It won’t be if we work with you to evaluate the choices.

Other services for individuals include: