At Pancoast Benefits, we handle employee benefits unlike most other companies.

In fact, we tackle the most complex client systems with one critical focus—relationships. The work we do is personal—helping businesses to take care of their employees and families. That’s why, unlike larger firms, we place a premium on building personal relationships with our clients, and unlike smaller competitors, we have more resources at our disposal.

Our Team

  • Fred Pancoast

  • Brent Watkins

  • Pat Lund

    Vice President of Large Group Consulting
  • Angie Bonnes

    Vice President of Administration
  • Becky McGonagil

    Administrative Services Manager
  • Karin Reece

    Account Manager
  • Patti Walker

    Account Manager
  • Vicki Johnson

    Account Manager
  • Sara Walton

    Account Manager - Small Business Unit
  • Tommy Martin

    Benefits Consultant
  • David Stamps

    Small Business & Medicare Sales Consultant
  • Trenece Spann-Eady

    Benefits Systems Specialist
  • Alecia Teel

    Communications Specialist